A Little Longer

benchCame home at around 4:30 pm last Thursday and I need to leave by 5:00 pm to meet up some friends. I only have 30mins in between. I wanted to take a nap since my body is really begging me for some rest. But my heart was anxious and heavy and that day it is screaming. Wanting to have that quiet moment where I can hear my Father’s voice.

As soon as I got home, I dropped my bag, hugged my two cats for comfort and asked Him the question “For how long God?. I’ve done everything that I can and it feels like I’ve exhausted all my resources. There is nothing more that I can do and I know that you are doing something in my heart and I know that I told You once that I am willing to undergo this process because I never want to go back to my old life. But Father I am tired and I am losing hope. Would you please let me know for how long should wait? For how long should I endure? All those promises that you had spoken to me seems to be different from where I am now? All I need is one breakthrough. One word from you and you can change my circumstance and I don’t know else do I need to do.”

I was sobbing while saying these things and I waited for Him to speak . After several minutes of waiting and hearing nothing, I glanced to my phone to checked the time. My FB was open and I noticed this song that was posted by Doug Addison. I’ve seen this song several times before but didn’t really pay any attention to it. But at that moment, something inside of me is urging me to listen to this song. So I opened it while I try to composed myself and prepare to leave.

Then the spontaneous part came where the lyrics goes like this.

Then I hear You say:
“You don’t have to do a thing. Simply be with ME and let those things go. They can wait another minute. Wait this moment is too sweet. Please stay here with ME and love on Me a little longer. ‘Cause I’m in love with you”.

I was totally wrecked that all I was able to say is “Father I can wait for how long as You want it to be.” After all who I am to say no to the one who had saved me and loved me since the beginning of time.

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