A Mother’s Day Message

download (1)One of the usual conversation we had before goes like this:

Me: “Mom, do you think that someday I’ll be able to do the things that I dreamed of?”

Mom: “Of course, you are really good. Whatever it is that you set your heart into, know that you will achieve it and you’ll be able to do it.”

Fast forward to now and we are both standing at the airport. We had a different conversation this time and it’s either you or Dad who will try to ask this question:

Mom/Dad: “When will you be home?”

Me: “Soon.”

Every time it will be the same scene and the same question and every time I will give the same answer. Sometimes you don’t want to ask that question because we both know that we don’t have a clear answer as how soon that “soon” will be.  Then you try compose yourself and to be strong as you give me your blessing and bid me goodbye. Part of you knows that to let me go will never stop your heart from bleeding and because you love me so much that you will rather endure it than ask  me to stay and stop me from reaching for my dreams.

It also breaks my heart  to know that we’ll be apart but I need to fly away and find my way as I do things that He has called me to do.  Mom, you need to understand that it was  your love that taught me to dream and gave me wings to fly. Who am I right now or where am I right now was because of you.


These past few months, your health is currently failing you. But despite of that, you still think about me and wonder if I’m alright. I’ll tell you one thing Mom. You remember that thing about God’s love that I always talked about? His love that is immeasurable, magnificent and at the same time glorious? I’m at the center of it. His love is protecting/shielding me from everything and it’s the most amazing thing. So don’t worry because I’m completely fine and I’ll be fine regardless of the situation I might have in the future.


I promise that one day I will come back. And on that day, I’ll probably be a mom and will have kids of my own and as I wait for that day, I pray that I’ll have your strength and your grace to teach my future kids to love and dream big as you had taught me.

I love you and Happy Mother’s Day.


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