The Runaway Dinosaur

For my mom and my sister. Hoping that one day i’ll be able to read this bedtime story to my kids. It will be a great honor and privilege if I will be given a chance to be a mom someday.


There was a little dinosaur called a myosaur who lived with his mother.One day, he told his mother, “I wish I was special like the other dinosaurs.”

“If I were a T-rex, I could chomp with my ferocious teeth.”

“But if you were a T-rex,” said his mother, “how would you hug me with your tiny little arms?”

“I wish I were an Apatosaurus,” said the little dinosaur, “so with my long neck, I could see high above the treetops.”

“But if you were an Apatosaurus,” said his mother, “how would you hear me in the treetops when I told you ‘I love you’?”

“What makes you so special, little myosaur,” said his mother, “isn’t your ferocious teeth, or long neck, or pointy beak.”

“What makes you special is out of all of the different dinosaurs in the big wide world, you have the mother who is just right for you. And who will always — “

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